P/N: 25-52-0252 Model: FCU-ACC-4-W/D

Quad Cylinder Upender


  • Has all general features of the dual and triple upenders, but is built for higher production quotas.
  • Handles four cylinders at one time
  • Spring loaded console door-easy to remove
  • Small cylinder stands easily removable when working with large cylinders
  • Spring loaded mechanism keeps paddles in position
  • Steel tubular construction provides stability during operation
  • Clamps are set at a height to make upending efficient for smooth rotation
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  • Air requirements: 110 PSIG
  • Electrical Requirements: 110 Volt, 220 Volt, 50/60 Hz
  • Acceptable Cylinder Dimensions: 4" -18" Dia. Up to 60" Tall
  • Maximum Acceptable Cylinder Weight: 500 lbs. Each
  • Operation Cycle Takes Three Minutes
  • Foot Print: 135" x 36"
  • Crate Size: L=142" W=45" H=54"
  • Weight 2000 lbs.

A product of Fredlov, Inc.