P/N: 14-53-0086 Model: FCSM-25P



  • Provides a fast efficient method for adapting the height and inside diameter of the cylinder collar to fit the cylinder neck.
  • Uses a 25 ton hydraulic ram to stretch or crush cylinder collars from 1.79" tall to 2.10" tall without damaging the collar thread
  • Seperate clamping control for holding collar when reaming the ID of the collar
  • A powerful 250ft pound air motor is used to ream out the ID of the Collar.
  • Pneumatic operated, Explosion proof

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  • Maximum collar opening adjustment: 2.20" Diameter
  • Collar height adjustment range: 1.79" to 2.10"
  • L=40.5", W=13.5", H=20.5"
  • Wieght 320lbs, Crated 400lbs
  • Air Requirements: Max. 125 PSIG clean, filtered and lubricated air required for full warranty.
  • Safety: Eye and ear protection and gloves must be worn by operator.
  • Warranty: One year
A product of Fredlov, Inc.