Complete internal cleaning of your cylinders can be achieved in less than five minutes. Can accommodate cylinders up to 11" in diameter, and can be made for 18" in diameter. A shot collector and dust collector helps keep costs down by recycling steel shots. Three nozzles (two angled, one straight) helps ensure complete cleaning of cylinder neck and walls.

  • FCR-1 Automatic cylinder roller
  • Includes shot collector, 36" blasting wand, 72" blasting wand, 3 blasting nozzles,
    shot container vessel, dust collector with hose and 100lbs. of steel shots.
  • Hepa filter available for dust collector.
  • A special tool is included for small cylinder applications


  • Cylinder head upends to a vertical position for the draining of media from the
    inside of the cylinder. Shot is collected and can be used again with screen device.
  • Mobile shot collector
  • Utilizes shot #S330; Either Stainless; or Carbon Steel.
  • Optional designs for variable size shot
  • Safety chain keeps cylinder in cleaning position, and is a safety feature when FCR is vertical.
  • Spring loaded small cylinder position retainer tool
  • Start switch and tipping release mechanism are on same side for convenience of operator.


  • Shot blaster operates on shop air 120 PSIG
  • FCR-1 Automatic cylinder roller operates on 110V - 1 phase


  • Shot Collector - L: 18" x W: 18" x H: 42" + screening funnel
  • FCR-1, Varies with size of cylinder to be cleaned
    (i.e.: L: 65" x W: 18" x H: 19")
  • Dust collector - L: 18, W: 18, H: 48
A product of Fredlov, Inc.