P/N: 25-52-0018 Model: FCU-ACC-2-W/D



  • Comes with or without hot water system, clean and dry oil free air system.
  • Configurations can be from one to eight cylinders.
  • Replaceable grips.
  • Cylinders can vary in diameter, as machine is adjustable.
  • Eliminates potential handling injuries typical of outdated methods for emptying cylinders and cleaning cylinders.
  • Durable-Heavy duty Design
  • Computer Keyboard on console is located at a user friendly height.
  • One touch, preprogrammed operation
  • Extension to clamping arm for smaller cylinders
  • Portable or stationary designs
  • Adjustable Cylinder Clamps
    • Soft urethane
    • Florescent orange for safety
  • Moveable paddle can be swung out for short cylinder application
  • Quick disconnects on probes for fast turn around removal and reconnection
  • The new Fredlov XYZ probe design fits all cylinder diameters so there is no need for several probes "one fits all"
  • Short probes available for short cylinders
  • Floor Mounting
  • Safety features in control system components
  • shroud trim keeps control components from contamination.
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Dual Cylinder Upender With Wash And Dry Option


  • Air requirements: 110 PSIG
  • Electrical requirements: 110 volt, 220 volt 50/60 HZ
  • Acceptable cylinder dimensions:
    4" - 18" in dia. Up to 60" tall
  • Maximum acceptable cylinder weight: 500 lbs. Each
  • Operation cycle takes 3 minutes
  • Foot Print for FCU-2    75" x 36"
  • Crate Size- L=82" W=42" H=54"
  • Weight 850lbs

A product of Fredlov, Inc.