Small cylinder driers are a fast and efficient means of draining and drying of small compressed gas cylinders after hydrostatic testing. The FSCD uses compressed air and hot water to drain and dry scuba sized cylinders. FSCD small cylinder driers are available in five models.


  • FSCD-2 Two Station Drier
  • FSCD-3 Three Station Drier
  • FSCD-4 Four Station Drier
  • FSCD-5 Five Station Drier
  • FSCD-6 Six Station Drier

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2 Staion Small Cylinder Drier

  • Uses hot water and compressed air.
  • Dries cylinders in one minute from scuba size and smaller.
  • Accommodates cylinders from 2" to 12" dia. By 26" long.
  • Urethane cylinder cups
  • Stainless Steel Fittings
  • User Friendly Control Box
A product of Fredlov, Inc.