P/N: 01-52-0428 Model: FCCTC-10K

Computer Controlled Hydrostatic Tester

High pressure hydrostatic system tests to 10,500 PSIG for volumetric expansion testing and proof pressure testing of high pressure gas cylinders. 

The hydrotester can be operated both in a manual mode and in a computer controlled mode. 

The easy to use and user-friendly software that controls the hydrostatic test procedure is windows based, and by using a standard PC and quality components from National Instruments, Fredlov, Inc. achieves state-of-the-art technology at minimal cost. The hydrotest software can also be supplied on a HP-UNIX, LINUX or Mac. machine to achieve better stability than with windows.

Our software products are constantly being improved and aimed at providing our customers with a tool that will enable them to comply with the latest DOT/CT regulations. 

Custom designed software is available upon request.


  • Easy to read gauges
  • Test pressures to 10,500 PSIG
  • Has a double acting pump for fast pressurization.
  • Includes monitor and printer
  • Aluminum Cabinet with desk, and storage
  • Digital display scale and printer enclosures are protected by poly carbonated clear windows
  • Piano hinged cabinet doors for easy access to storage
  • Computer (Pentium PC) controlled test console. Also manually operated
  • Controls expansion from 0 to 1000 cc in 0.1cc increments via a digital scale (RS-232 interface to PC).
  • Alternate testing from one vessel to the other.
  • Programmed to operate in Windows 95

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Control Console
Specification Crating
  • 81" High
  • 43" Length

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Optional separate Printer Cabinet on left side

A product of Fredlov, Inc.