Used for testing burst pressure of gas cylinders. The machine can handle pressures up to 30,000 PSIG and is operated automatically via a windows based PC.


The computer automatically stores test data such as:

  • Burst pressure
  • Test time
  • Pressurization rate (PSI / sec.)
  • Operator name
  • Inspector name
  • Pressure data vs. time
  • Date and time
  • S/N of cylinder
to a file on the hard disk, and in addition is capable of printing a test report. 

The system can be configured to achieve a constant pressurization rate, which enables the test to be directly compared with previous tests.

The pressure is displayed in real time on the monitor of the computer, while the burst test is running.

Burst test system

Close-up of burst chamber and lid

Safety Lock

Pressure Pump

Screen Shot of Burst Tester Program
(Click on pictures for a full screen view)
  • Portable with locking casters, Internal debris basket, and non-skid step plate
  • User Friendly control panel
  • Aluminum water reservoir tank
  • Crate Dimension L 41", W 53", H 88"
  • Rotating hoist Arm for Lifting Mechanism lid with Mech. Advantage Pulley
  • Fluorescent orange Explosion chamber with lock bars, and safety locking mechanism
  • Aluminum Reservoir tank for water
  • User friendly control panel
A product of Fredlov, Inc.